Nota Kuliah 1

Kuliah 1: CALL as Method to Develop Study Skills

What is CALL?

CALL also known as Computer-Assisted Language Learning is used as a method to develop study skills in classroom.With the new technology,people nowadays use logic thinking to make the learning process fun and looks like game to student.

Student get bored easilly when it comes to traditional teaching system that teachers ussually read,talk and give information without any graphical media.That’s why student can’t develop their study skills with that method.

What is Study Skills?

  • The term “study skills” a general term,which encompases a wide variety of traits,is associated with personal growth and development ranging from attitudes to behaviours.
  • Its is acquired for the purpose of self-development.
  • Study skills includes:-
  1. new learning styles
  2. networking with other students
  3. reading a books or taking notes
  4. participating in a classroom activities
  5. doing basic research
  6. using library or computer-based resources
  7. writing academic papers
  8. presenting papers
  9. managing study time and preparing for examinations

Why Study Skills is Important?

  • The focus in the classroom is shifted from the teacher to the learner
  • The concept of individualized instruction is increasingly gaining importance.

Computer and Language Learning

  • Using slides,charts,tape-record,videos as media of teaching.

The advantage of using CALL method in classroom:

  • Enhance the motivation level of student
  • Teachers can custom any CALL program to the syllabus or courseto increase the of profiency level of students.
  • Imparting individualized instruction
  • No limitation of practise session
  • Student can repeat their task and increase the level of their thinking
  • Have a powerfull access and gives inmmense scope for self-learning.
  • CALLS software has tutorial mode that teach student how to begin their work
  • Backup students file and their work.

Limitation of CALL

  • The author and the programmer do not mostly share similar concerns.
  • There is a chance to add or modify the software
  • The preparation time can be running to hours and days.
  • The next generation of learning will be part of computer generation.All the skills are based on computer only.

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