Task Evaluation: 30%
Project Evaluation: 40%
Final Examination: 30%

Task Evaluation

1. Subscribe to WordPress to create blog. (5%)

2. Subscribe to SoundCloud online application softwares to upload audio files. (5%)

3. Subscribe to SurveyMonkey to conduct an online survey. (5%)

4. Subscribe to YouTube to upload video files. (5%)

5. Download Charis Sil font and AntConc to install them in your own computer. (5%)

6. Download Audacity and Lame to install them in your own computer. (5%)

Project Evaluation

Students are instructed to present a language project on WordPress blog consisting of:

1. Ten common pronunciation errors among UKM students when speaking in the English language (ELS) or ten words spoken in local dialects (Linguistics) . (10%)

2. Conduct a questionnaire consisting of 10 items using SurveyMonkey to determine offline and online electronic sources that local students are using to learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, semantic or pragmatic aspect of a language. (10%)

3. Using AntConc, determine 10 different words either content words (nouns, verbs, adjective or adverb) or function words (Determiner, Pronoun, Auxiliary, Conjunction, Qualifier, Interrogative, Preposition, Expletive or Particle) found in the audio recording of your respondent. (10%)

4. Present all findings in your WordPress blog. (10%)

Final Examination

All questions derived from lecture notes uploaded in iFolio.

1. 10 questions in True/False format. (10%)

2. 10 questions in Multiple Choice Question format. (10%)

3. 5 questions in Fill in the Blank format. (5%)

4. 5 questions in Short Answer format. (5%)


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